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Forrester Releases “Self-Service Business Intelligence Platforms” report, Microsoft identified as leader

Well, a leader and not the leader, although Microsoft BI stack is definitely ranked very high by Forrester.  Please follow this link to read the report. This is probably a little bit of old news, since the report was release in June and updated in the middle of July, but I figured it be a

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Slew of important SQL Server announcements is expected at SQL Pass conference in Seattle this year

Microsoft is expected to make a number of very important announcements at the upcoming SQL Pass conference in Seattle… If you are on the fence about attending it this year, I would definitely recommend attending this event.

SAP HANA versus Microsoft Business Intelligence and xVelocity, take two…

Not surprisingly, my original post generated huge traffic to my blog as well as a couple of good comments. I am sorry that it took me a while to respond, but now that it is Saturday and I am at Starbucks,I don’t really have any excuse not to respond anymore… Before I jump into a

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SAP HANA versus Microsoft Business Intelligence and xVelocity

This will be in a long rant format as I am still trying to organize my thoughts around this subject. Before I start comparing and contrasting the two vendors, I just wanted to make a quick statement to get something off my chest: Generally speaking, HANA is a good business decision for SAP as it

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No HTML5 support is now expected in the 2012 SP1

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 is now available as a community technology preview.  The two most expected features so far are the SharePoint 2013 support for the new BI features and the HTML5 support for PowerView. Well, the rumor has it that the HTML5 support is NOT going to make it in this service pack.  I

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Office 15, Office 365 and few other updates from the Microsoft WPC

Looks like some people will be fired after the yesterday’s microphone fiasco at the WPC… Steve Ballmer’s microphone malfunctioned during his entire keynote. Eventually he had to go through four (4!) microphones until the production staff could get him one that worked … Steve, who by the way looked almost freaky with how much weight

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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track White Paper is now available

Microsoft has updated its excellent Fast Track ( Microsoft Data Warehouse reference architecture) white paper for latest versoin of SQL Server (2012).  Whether you decide to follow this architecture or not (and there are good reasons for and against it given your budget and objectives), you will find a wealth of great and useful information that will help you

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Microsoft SQL Azure labs – interesting new technology for the cloud

There are several interesting concepts that Microsoft is working on available here.  I am currently taking a deep dive into the Microsoft Data Explorer.  However, any B2C company should definitely take a look at the Social Analytics.  Data Hub is looking pretty interesting as well…