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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 With PowerView For Multidimensional Models is available in CTP

Microsoft demonstrated PowerView on top of the Multidimensional model in Analysis Services several weeks ago at SQL PASS and now the CTP version of the product is available here. There are two pieces of new functionality delivered with this CTP: Update for Analysis Services engine to allow DAX support for Multidimensional models Update for the

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SAP Hana vs Microsoft SQL Server, the war is on…

and the Germans are making the first move… I have written two posts about Hana vs. xVelocity (Part I and Part II) making the basic point that there is nothing truly visionary or revolutionary in SAP Hana from the technology perspective and that a customer can get all the benefits (or rather alleged benefits as

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Slew of important SQL Server announcements is expected at SQL Pass conference in Seattle this year

Microsoft is expected to make a number of very important announcements at the upcoming SQL Pass conference in Seattle… If you are on the fence about attending it this year, I would definitely recommend attending this event.

Drillthrough action in Tabular Analysis Services

It seems that Analysis Services supported actions for Tabular mode for a while, but who wants to maintain it using XMLA? Luckily, the BIDS Helper is more than capable. Please follow this link for additional information. This is really exciting! It is almost strange that this feature is not available in the SQL Server Data Tools

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How to connect Excel PowerView to Analysis Services cube

There are several UI gotchas related to building PowerView visualizations that I wanted to address with this post. First, PowerView is not available in the Ribbon out of the box, in order to enable it, one needs to go to File->Options->Add-ins. Then find Manage Add-Ins drop down box, select “COM Ad-ins” and click Go. That

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SAP HANA versus Microsoft Business Intelligence and xVelocity, take two…

Not surprisingly, my original post generated huge traffic to my blog as well as a couple of good comments. I am sorry that it took me a while to respond, but now that it is Saturday and I am at Starbucks,I don’t really have any excuse not to respond anymore… Before I jump into a

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Dynamic security in a tabular model for analysis services

The second iteration of the tabular model for analysis services now allows us to implement very sophisticated security scenarios including row-level dynamic security.  In order to implement it, first we need the means of finding out the windows credentials of the user.  That can be accomplished using the DAX function USERNAME(). Second, we need to map

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Choosing a Tabular or Multidimensional model in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services

Many great discussions are taking place about the future of the Multidimensional mode for the Analysis Services.  It is very clear where the majority of the investment went for the 2012 version (hint… think rows and columns and not multidimensional).  At the same time, one might argue that the traditional or Multidimensional set of features is already

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