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Bing vs. Google

This is an off-topic post that will not talk about BI at all. Yesterday, I wrote a quick post about using the Earlier() DAX function to generate an index column in Power Pivot. There is nothing earthshattering in that post; the reason I decided to write it was because I tried to do a web search on

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Microsoft Surface RT review, sort of in a context of Microsoft BI

First, I have to explain why I am writing this review when so many websites have already covered the product – the only thing that I will cover that others haven’t is what features of Microsoft BI stack run on Surface and what don’t. Let’s get through the bad stuff first. I don’t know if

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Slew of important SQL Server announcements is expected at SQL Pass conference in Seattle this year

Microsoft is expected to make a number of very important announcements at the upcoming SQL Pass conference in Seattle… If you are on the fence about attending it this year, I would definitely recommend attending this event.

What’s new in PerformancePoint services in SharePoint 2013?

This is going to be a very short post… yup, there is almost nothing new. In fact, I did not see anything new. Deep sigh…. Now, there are some changes in PerformancePoint services according to this article, but I sincerely doubt that dashboard migration, filter enhancements and search, BI Center updates, iPad support and security

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