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How to make Azure Databricks work with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Power BI

  This post is a beginning to a series of articles about building analytical capabilities in Azure using data lake, Databricks and Power BI. On the surface, those technologies seem like they were specifically designed to complement each other as they provide a set of foundational capabilities necessary to develop scalable and cost-effective business intelligence

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Optimizing Azure Analysis Services Partitions for Azure Data Warehouse External Tables

Recently, I had a chance to work with Azure Analysis Services (AS) sourcing data from Azure Data Warehouse (DW) external tables. Optimizing the processing of the Azure Analysis Services partitions to use with the Azure DW external tables is a bit different from working with the regular (physical) data tables, and I will discuss the

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Power Shell script to load data in to Data Lake Store

In an earlier post, we talked about self-service process to hydrate the Data Lake Store. We also mentioned the need to use Power Shell to load data files larger than 2Gb. Here is the Power Shell script: Provide your credentials to login to Azure: $MyAzureName = “<YourAzureUsername>“; $MyAzurePassword = ConvertTo-SecureString ‘<YourAzurePassword>’ -AsPlainText -Force; $AzureRMCredential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($MyAzureName,

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