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HTML5 Engine for PowerView Getting More Updates

I am very excited to report that as of few days ago, the HTML5 engine for Power View has closed some major gaps with the Silverlight Power View engine. In February of this year I wrote a post comparing various Power View artifacts between Silverlight, HTML5 and Power BI Windows 8 App. At the time,

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HTML5 and Anonymous access in Power BI… or check out the new Demo Gallery

I don’t expect that anyone will be blown away, at least initially, with the new demo gallery now available on the Microsoft Power BI site because to a business user, the content of those demos will look a little difficult to relate to if not a little nonsensical. Zany layouts aside, there is, however, a

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HTML5 support In Power View and Power BI

Now that Power BI is Generally Available (GA) I thought it would be useful to do a quick analysis of how Power View visualizations are supported in Power BI across the three media – Silverlight (default), HTML5 and Windows 8 App Please find a table below for a quick reference Feature Silverlight HTML5 Windows 8

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Microsoft self-service BI on premise vs cloud

It appears that Satya Nadella has added an additional layer of context to the already ambitious Microsoft strategy of transforming itself into a “devices and services” company by declaring that “Going forward, it’s a mobile-first, cloud-first world”. I believe that it is safe to assume that in the near future, the roadmap of every Microsoft

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Getting back in the game…

I have not been posting much on the site in the last few months. This lack of activity was attributed to predominantly two things: A) My summer got really busy with my primary revenue generating activities and B) There was really not whole lot going on in the MS BI space that I felt I

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A quick rant on Power BI, #confused….

There are now scores of blogs and web articles available that do a great job of introducing Power BI (a good example can be found here) so there is little value in re-hashing it in this post. I do, however, want to reflect and pontificate a bit on this announcement. The most important piece of

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Slew of important SQL Server announcements is expected at SQL Pass conference in Seattle this year

Microsoft is expected to make a number of very important announcements at the upcoming SQL Pass conference in Seattle… If you are on the fence about attending it this year, I would definitely recommend attending this event.

No HTML5 support is now expected in the 2012 SP1

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 is now available as a community technology preview.  The two most expected features so far are the SharePoint 2013 support for the new BI features and the HTML5 support for PowerView. Well, the rumor has it that the HTML5 support is NOT going to make it in this service pack.  I

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