Month: March 2014

What is the Microsoft Power BI connector for SAP?

I have been getting some questions about it recently so I decided to write a few lines in addition to what’s now available on the Power BI site. Here is a list of some key points about the tool: No middle-ware components are necessary to provide the connectivity between Excel and the Business Objects server.

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The March 2014 Release of Power Query is now available to download

Microsoft has released the latest update for my favorite Power BI tool. There are several cool albeit minor improvements to the functionality. The post at the link does a great job of describing the new changes, so I am not going to rehash them here. What I do find interesting, however, is that Microsoft is

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Power BI Data Management Gateway and OData

I just got back from the SharePoint conference and wanted to write down a few points about the Power BI Data Management Gateway before I forgot. It appears that there may be a progression in how Power Query may get used by an organization. I cannot say I am 100% clear on all the scenarios

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