Month: May 2013

Modeling financial scenarios tutorial available from Microsoft

Kasper de Jonge has recently posted a PowerPivot model, Access database with some financial data and a white paper that provides what I think is the absolutely best way to jump start a BI initiative focused on implementing financial metrics and KPIs. Please find the overview and the download link here. This is an absolute

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Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server

Anybody who has had to worry about implementing security in a SharePoint environment has at some point run into challenges with impersonating end users and passing their credentials all the way to the analysis services cube for authorization. The dreaded two hop challenges necessitated having to implement Kerberos authentication which has caused a lot of

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Unpivot data using Microsoft Data Explorer

I have been really impressed with Microsoft Data Explorer the minute I had a chance to play with it as I was able to turn formatted Excel reports into legitimate data sources available for analysis. Fairly recently, an update to the tool delivered an uber critical feature that makes a huge impact on the world

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