Month: April 2013

GeoFlow is going public

The public preview of GeoFlow is now available here I would definitely grab the “Data Explorer” plug in while I were there…(also available here There are plenty of reviews and good tutorials of both products available elsewhere, but in the coming few days I will try to write about where I think these

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PowerPivot File Size Limit in Excel 2013

This is more of a note to self as I am constantly self-confusing myself with how much data can be loaded into a PowerPivot model. Basically, there are two things to consider, version of office one is running and whether a SharePoint deployment option is required. First, whether one is running a 32 or a 64

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SAP vs. Microsoft, Information Assets vs. End User Experience positioning

If your company runs SAP, chances are the picture below represents your environment pretty well The black colors represent the existing investments/business processes and the size of the bubbles represents the effort/investment $$$. Your company has made a very large investment in the SAP back-end (ERP, BW, etc.) which is represented by a large black circle

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