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Support of Power BI across various versions of Microsoft Office

In this post I wanted to address several general confusions about Power BI and Microsoft Office. Sometimes I wonder if these confusions have been engineered by design or whether they occurred serendipitously… The most important point to understand is that Power BI is intended to be bundled with the Office 365 Pro version of the

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Unpivot data using Microsoft Data Explorer

I have been really impressed with Microsoft Data Explorer the minute I had a chance to play with it as I was able to turn formatted Excel reports into legitimate data sources available for analysis. Fairly recently, an update to the tool delivered an uber critical feature that makes a huge impact on the world

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Microsoft Data Explorer

Microsoft is working on another tool called Data Explorer. According to the this page, the tool is supposed to assist in finding data as well as combining data from different and potentially incompatible sources. It comes in both desktop and cloud versions. I have been playing with the desktop version a little bit and I

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