Power BI Custom Visual Review: Simple Waterfall (can Microsoft hold its own???)

If you have a short attention span, then then I will have some mercy on you and just give you the answer – NO.

If you are reading still and are genuinely curious about why, then please keep reading.

I am looking at the following criteria in my evaluation:

  1. How intuitive the visual is
  2. How easy is it to build a “normal” waterfall chart with the beginning and the end bars
  3. Formatting options

Simple Waterfall chart beat Microsoft’s default one in every category, so should you use it? Well, based on the criteria above – YES, but there are a few other things to consider that I discuss in my video on why you may want to stick with the standard waterfall chart.

3 thoughts on “Power BI Custom Visual Review: Simple Waterfall (can Microsoft hold its own???)

  1. I have been using the ‘simple waterfall’, within a dashboard of visuals that contain treemaps, for 1 year. I’ve just realized that the interactive filtering with other visuals is no longer working…I know it was working in mid-2021. I am wondering if anyone else has come across this, and to ask if there is any solution and/or workaround.

    Problem: Previously, I could select a step from my waterfall, then ctrl-click on a Treemap segment to further filter the data. Now when I select a waterfall step…then ctrl-click into a Treemap segment, the initial waterfall step is ignored and only the Treemap filter works.
    Interactions between the simple waterfall and all other visuals on the tab are all turned on.

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