CloudScope Ends Support for Power BI Custom Visuals

In this troubling news, CloudScope just announced that it is ending its support for Power BI Custom Visuals. CloudScope was an early adopter of the Power BI platform and you used to be able to see many custom visuals from the company that extended the very limited set of visuals that Microsoft provides in Power BI out of the box. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s requirements for custom visuals developers and the length of the certification process made it impossible for the company to continue to support Microsoft Power BI.

This is a really bad for a couple of reasons. First, obviously, we now have fewer options with respect to visualizations in Power BI effective immediately. Second, Microsoft has traditionally always relied on partners to close gaps in its product portfolio, which is what CloudScope was successfully doing. However, as Microsoft has matured its offering, it started making it harder to partners to participated in this value chain. So, now, if you are a Microsoft partner in any capacity, this news creates a compelling event to re-evaluate whether your partnership with Microsoft is still making sense. Given CloudScope’s arguments, I am worried that more and more partners will decide that it does not, which unfortunately will mean that some gaps in the product may never be addressed.

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