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No material differences with respect to BI found between the RTM and Preview versions of Microsoft Office 2013

Having gone through the RTM version of Microsoft Office 2013 RTM I cannot find any material differences from the Preview version. The two major (although not really feature related) differences are speed and stability (both revised significantly upwards).

How to connect Excel PowerView to Analysis Services cube

There are several UI gotchas related to building PowerView visualizations that I wanted to address with this post. First, PowerView is not available in the Ribbon out of the box, in order to enable it, one needs to go to File->Options->Add-ins. Then find Manage Add-Ins drop down box, select “COM Ad-ins” and click Go. That

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More details on new PerformancePoint features in SharePoint 2013

Additional details are coming out on the new features that will be available in PerformancePoint 2013. Here is a list of new stuff: Themes – SharePoint has traditionally been somewhat of a challenge with respect to look and feel configuration and PerformancePoint Services was an even bigger challenge yet. Microsoft has simplified the CSS challenges

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What’s new in PerformancePoint services in SharePoint 2013?

This is going to be a very short post… yup, there is almost nothing new. In fact, I did not see anything new. Deep sigh…. Now, there are some changes in PerformancePoint services according to this article, but I sincerely doubt that dashboard migration, filter enhancements and search, BI Center updates, iPad support and security

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PowerView in Excel 2013 – Business Intelligence – Second Impression

Well, the more time passes, the more I like it… Somehow I have figured out, subconsciously, how not to make it crash quite as often and also how to work around things that don’t work very well. So, in no particular order, here are few more observations… Map – like it a lot. There is

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Excel 2013 – Business Intelligence – First impressions

I have been playing with the new excel for a few weeks now and I think I have finally enough material to share. In general the first impressions can be bucketed in three distinct set of emotions: Wow – a lot of new cool stuff coming out.  It is becoming painfully clear that the PerformancePoint

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More on new features of PowerView in Excel 2013

I started the list of changes here, at some point I will consolidate everything into a single nice master list, but for now I will just keep posing all the new things that I find in individual posts. So, a few other new features: Ability to drill on not only Matrix controls but also charts

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PowerView in Excel 2013

I have been playing around with the newly released Office 2013.  I cannot seem to find that many tangible Business Intelligence features in it, other than the PowerView feature that is now available in Excel.  This feature has been flaky at best; I am getting all kinds of errors trying to build some visualizations against

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Office 15 unveiled by Steve Ballmer… Available for preview…

Steve Ballmer just unveiled the new version of Microsoft office available for preview here..  The two most salient points of his presentation are touch support and windows 8 integration.  The new version of office appears a lot friendlier for content creation on a tablet.  SkyDrive also becomes a more prominent feature that allows content creation

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