Office 15 unveiled by Steve Ballmer… Available for preview…

Steve Ballmer just unveiled the new version of Microsoft office available for preview here..  The two most salient points of his presentation are touch support and windows 8 integration. 

The new version of office appears a lot friendlier for content creation on a tablet.  SkyDrive also becomes a more prominent feature that allows content creation and consumption across multiple computers (office and home).

No Business Intelligence features have been highlighted during the presentation.  I have been trying to install the Preview edition on my Windows 8 tablet (only Windows 7 and 8 devices are supported to run the Preview) but apparently you cannot have both Office 2010 and the Office 15 Preview installed on the same machine, and as I just found out, removing office 2010 from the tablet is not an easy experience.  Stay tuned as I am re-imaging my tablet….

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