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How to limit values in PivotTable filters in Excel

Excel 2010 is tightly integrated with SharePoint which allows users to author their reports in Excel and then simply save them in SharePoint so that they can be subsequently rendered to everybody else as a web page using Excel Services.  Unfortunately, not all features of Excel can be rendered; some of them generate warnings but unfortunately, some of them prevent

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SharePoint Chart Web Part

Here is a good introductory article for the SharePoint Chart Web part.  I have not see this web part used that much, although, there is one feature that I think makes this data visualization vehicle critical for certain types of reporting.  I am of course talking about being able to show a Sales Pipeline Funnel like this: Few pros and cons to mention.  Starting

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Bubble Charts in Excel and Excel Services

Creating Bubble Charts is one of the biggest challenges in Excel and Excel Services with respect to data visualization.  Microsoft made it very intuitive in PowerView and very not intuitive in Excel.  Frankly, the way this functionality is implemented in Excel makes it practically unusable.  Rumor has it that this area is getting a lot of love and attention in

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