How to add images or logos to a PowerView dashboard

One of the strange functionality gaps in PowerView is lack of support of images.  In other words, one can easily add a text box to the dashboard, but unfortunately there is no easy way to add a company logo to the dashboard, which means that yet again we have to resort to a work around.

This solution is not elegant but it works reasonably well and it includes the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have a URL to the desired image or add the image to an image library on your SharePoint site
  2. Create a new Linked Table in Excel that has two columns in it, one for the image name (or ID) and another for the image URL ( I usually name that Tab as Image)
  3. Make sure that this new Tab (or table) does not have relationships with any other tables in the PowerPivot model
  4. Populate the linked table with the images that you would like to use for your dashboards (logos, etc)
  5. Hit Advanced tab in PowerPivot window and mark the URL field of the table as the ‘Image URL’
  6. Save the workbook to SharePoint
  7. Bring up PowerView designer and then drag the URL field from the Image table on the canvas.  That will display the image and one can use “Send to Back” button to arrange the layout.  Image can be displayed as a Tile, Table, Matrix, or, my favorite, Card.

This is kinda clunky but every single dashboard I have designed was required to have a company logo on it and since PowerView does not let users use images for dashboard design natively, this workaround is the only way I could find to get the job done.

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