Scorecards in PowerView

Scorecards are not natively supported in PowerView, which is very unfortunate to say the least.. Fortunately there is a work around.

Since I am writing this on a plane, I will just provide a high level description of how to get it done…

First, one needs to implement add a calculated column that will have a score assigned to the metric being analyzed… So, 1 could mean Green, 2 yellow and 3 for red…

Second, create three icons, one for each color (graphically challenged can create one in power point and then cut and paste it into the Windows Paint and then save as a JPG into your sharepoint or any Web enabled folder)

Third, add a new dimension to the model (could be as simple as a linked table in excel). In this dimension, link each status (1 through 3) with the URL of the corresponding icon or image

Create a relationship between the calculated column and new dimension.

You are good to go to create your score cards by using the Matrix control in PowerView…

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