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Optimizing Azure Analysis Services Partitions for Azure Data Warehouse External Tables

Recently, I had a chance to work with Azure Analysis Services (AS) sourcing data from Azure Data Warehouse (DW) external tables. Optimizing the processing of the Azure Analysis Services partitions to use with the Azure DW external tables is a bit different from working with the regular (physical) data tables, and I will discuss the

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Quirks of Visual Studio Query Editor working with Analysis Services

Visual Studio 2017 and the SQL Server Data Tool (SSDT), a tool that comes with Visual Studio, finally integrates the now familiar Query Editor (Power Query) capability to work with the Analysis Services Tabular Model. Query Editor is a data ingestion and transformation tool used by Excel Power Pivot as well as Power BI. Now,

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Adding an Index Column to a Power Pivot Model using EARLIER() DAX Function

This post will be a little bit atypical compared to what I normally write about. I usually don’t focus on topics like the one described below because there are plenty of other blogs that cover developer specific issues related to using DAX. However, I ran into an issue few days ago, could not find a

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SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT-BI) for Visual Studio 2013 are back and available for download

SSDT-BI were down for almost a month after the release of the SQL Server 2014 causing a lot of frustration to the end users who were trying to develop BI solutions using Visual Studio 2013. No point of getting into the reasons why, let’s just take a deep breath and download the latest version here

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PowerView can now connect to multidimensional models

The cumulative update 4 for the SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 has now been released. This update enables PowerView to connect to Multidimensional models and also to have global filters across multiple views (pages) in a PowerView report. Please follow this link for more details

Some comments on the CTP of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 With PowerView For Multidimensional Models

I have had a pretty frustrating experience with it so far.  I think that the only way get it to work is to have it deployed as a SSRS Service Application inside SharePoint and then configure PowerView.  In other words, if you are planning to install a multidemensional instance of the CTP, install your OLAP cube

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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 With PowerView For Multidimensional Models is available in CTP

Microsoft demonstrated PowerView on top of the Multidimensional model in Analysis Services several weeks ago at SQL PASS and now the CTP version of the product is available here. There are two pieces of new functionality delivered with this CTP: Update for Analysis Services engine to allow DAX support for Multidimensional models Update for the

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SAP Hana vs Microsoft SQL Server, the war is on…

and the Germans are making the first move… I have written two posts about Hana vs. xVelocity (Part I and Part II) making the basic point that there is nothing truly visionary or revolutionary in SAP Hana from the technology perspective and that a customer can get all the benefits (or rather alleged benefits as

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Drillthrough action in Tabular Analysis Services

It seems that Analysis Services supported actions for Tabular mode for a while, but who wants to maintain it using XMLA? Luckily, the BIDS Helper is more than capable. Please follow this link for additional information. This is really exciting! It is almost strange that this feature is not available in the SQL Server Data Tools

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