Check List for Running Analysis Services in Azure for Power BI

This comes up a lot so I wanted to make a quick check list of steps necessary to run SQL Server Analysis Services in Azure and expose it as a data set in Power BI.

  • Create a new VM in Azure
  • Join the new VM to your corporate domain (may require networking configuration and VPN to enable VM to see your corporate network)
  • Install Analysis Services (AS) on the VM
  • Configure it to run under a service account
  • Add required IT team members and/or Service Accounts as Analysis Services administrators
  • Make sure AS is patched up to the latest Service Packs and updates
  • Configure model refresh mechanism (SQL Server Agent for example)
  • Install all necessary client access libraries and drivers (Access Runtime, Oracle Driver, etc.)
  • Install AS Connector ( and make sure it can login as a service (if it can’t, check for AD policies that might be preventing this and resolve it)
  • Configure it to run under an AD account that has a password that does not expire
  • Add AS Server as a Power BI Data Set in using Get Data ->Databases->SQL Server Analysis Services

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