KNOWLEDGEBANK.PRO VLOG #2: Channel Update, Two Custom Visual Reviews and a Bit of Ranting

Vlog #2 is up… I talk about the channel growth – 10% in the last week – thank you! I also go over the latest Power BI updates from the team’s blog. Basically, nothing super exciting, other than a few cool things that get us closer to a direct query to AS or PBI composite models and things like that.

I also reviewed two custom visuals. Trellis control by xViz (which I liked) and the Cards with States by OKViz (which I was lukewarm to).

I end the vlog with my rant about Microsoft Azure Data factory SAP connector (it’s is basically a v1 of PBI’s, with all the issues and performance problems) and the lack of full support of calculation groups by Power BI visuals.

Hope you enjoy the video:


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