PowerView in Windows 8 Release Preview

I was eagerly awaiting the new Release Preview of Windows 8 as I was hoping it would address some of the shortcomings with respect to the Microsoft BI Stack and Windows 8 that I blogged about before

One of the new features introduced in to the IE 10 was Flash support.  I have not read anything about the Silverlight support, but it only seemed natural that Microsoft would support its own technology before it supported a competing product, but unfortunately, this is not the case with the Release Preview.  Essentially, there is not much new to report that would be pertinent to the Business Intelligence stack.

Everything still pretty much works the same, or rather, not work the same.  IE 10 still does not support PowerView and Master Data Services Data Explorer (Silverlight), and PerformancePoint content is still virtually impossible to navigate using touch input.

My prognosticated speculation is that the OS is not likely to be any friendlier to the stack when it gets released, however, I am expecting a service pack for both SQL Server and SharePoint to address this incompatibility.

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