Using Microsoft PerformancePoint PowerView Excel Services on Windows 8 Tablet

I have been spending more and more time with my Windows 8 Tablet.  As I have mentioned numerous times before, there is a lot to like about it.  My Samsung Series 7 is running a lot better after I installed the latest drivers for Windows 8 that were just released by Samsung, with touch input being the area that has benefited from the update the most.  So with my typical inability to contain my excitement I decided to see how various Microsoft Data Visualization tools fare on this tablet.  The only tool that worked with about the same amount of finesse (or lack of thereof) was Excel Services.  Since the UI is pretty much limited to Filters, Slicers and for the lack of a better word, Images, I got the same boring user experience on the touch input tablet as I did on my laptop with my mouse.  PerformancePoint is basically useless, since most of the options require a right-click, which is a difficult feat in a mouseless situation.  PowerView experience was great.. The product really shines on a tablet.  One thing that I found interesting is that you have to hit Escape to exit the Full Screen Mode, and guess what, in a mouseless keyboardless tablet environment hitting escape key is as much of a challenge as right clicking – impossible.  The workaround is to flick the screen off on the left size of the screen which brings the application that was in use before getting into the Desktop mode.  This exits the Full window Mode and leaves the PowerView report in a Reading Window mode.  This is definitely an oversight that needs to be addressed, however, that aside, PowerView is probably the best Microsoft option for data visualizations on a Tablet running Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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