More Office 15 rumors

Both USA Today and ZDNet posted some articles on the expected release date... Ballmer is now expected to make a major Office related announcement on Monday as Microsoft kicks off MG My speculation remains the same, beta will be available next week, RTM end of 2012 and GA end of Q1 2013

Bubble Charts in Excel and Excel Services

Creating Bubble Charts is one of the biggest challenges in Excel and Excel Services with respect to data visualization.  Microsoft made it very intuitive in PowerView and very not intuitive in Excel.  Frankly, the way this functionality is implemented in Excel makes it practically unusable.  Rumor has it that this area is getting a lot … Continue reading Bubble Charts in Excel and Excel Services

Drillable charts in Mcrosoft Office 15

I believe that Microsoft has delivered a very solid release with SQL Server 2012.  I love MDS V2, I am giddy with excitement about columnstore indexes (still trying to hunt down any hints that would substantiate the claimed availability of this technology for Analysis Services), I think that PowerView will be a huge success, although … Continue reading Drillable charts in Mcrosoft Office 15