This site is my attempt to keep track of all the useful stuff that I find about Microsoft Business Intelligence and also to add an occasional post or two of my own when I feel that I have discovered something  worth posting… Secondly, it is also the means for me to improve my command of the written word that upon a quick inspection of the site should become apparent is in a desperate need of much improvement.

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  1. I just read your blog about HANA and completely agree. I work in an SAP shop and it’s been tough going with the MS BI products. I’ve built many tools to automate the creation of work products and have many happy users but the SAP sales/marketing folks have an excellent sales story.

    In the past SAP sold BW by indicating the standard extractors would save tons of time and money but our experiece was just the opposite. It took forever to modify the extractors and cost a bundle – it cost almost 10 times what our entire MS BI platform cost for a singe InfoCube for one report. That’s what finally opened the doors to letting the MS BI stack grow.

    At a moment of frustration I created a blog to document my ETL process – I still owe the last ABAP but the process works wonderfully and is basically free.

    And now I get to fight it all over again thanks to HANA. I’m in the process of bringing in 2012 Tabular and so far it’s been outstanding. I loaded the COPA module into it and the performance was great – all for 9K per server plus CALs (we’re using the BI Edition).

    I’ll be reading and referencing your blog in the future so please keep up the good work….

  2. Hi,

    I am really impressed by the article you written which compares b/w Microsoft BI and SAP HANA, I am currently working on a project in order to select one of the best BI vendors out of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, it is really difficult for me to compare them in terms of technologies, I think they are more relevant to data structure, algorithms and so forth, would you give me some suggestions about how to compare them and maybe a little bit your opinion about the best BI vendor on your mind please.

    Many Thanks

    Best Regards


  3. Yes ! I have read your article and shared to my friends, it is brilliant to gain some insights from an expert even with a bit bias :P, we have finished our report already, but if you dont mind, I will still pick a few points out of your article as reference. Many thanks

  4. Hello, read your post about integration of SAP and MS BI and was positively surprised! I would like to ask you to guest-post for us. Would you be interested? I am also interested in republishing your material (with your permission and links).

  5. Hi, I’m very impressed with all of your posts. Do you offer consulting services? We are looking for someone to help establish and train users on Power BI within our company.

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