How to Make a Copy of a Power BI DataFlow

Turns out that making a copy of a Power BI Dataflow is not that intuitive. If you don’t want to watch this 3 minute video, then you can just click on the menu options for the dataflow and then click on “Export .json” option. This will export the dataflow in a json file format. Now you can open the json file and make changes in bulk if you want. For example if you have twenty tables that connect to the same server/database and you would like to change that in bulk to point the dataflow from dev to test or prod server, then you can do a find/replace on the text file and update the server and database definitions. If you do not need to make any changes, then just use the json file as is. The next step is to click New->Dataflow in the workspace where you would like to copy your dataflow to and then use the Import Model option. Then you will need to find and select the json file on your machine and click ok. A copy of your original dataflow will be created. To rename, click on the menu and then Properties.

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