More on new features of PowerView in Excel 2013

I started the list of changes here, at some point I will consolidate everything into a single nice master list, but for now I will just keep posing all the new things that I find in individual posts.

So, a few other new features:

  1. Ability to drill on not only Matrix controls but also charts (they need to be converted from a drillable Matrix first.  Drilling is implemented as a Filter which can be viewed by opening the Filter pane)
  2. Pie charts are now available, with sub pies functionality available.  They can also be dirlllable (double-click to drill down, drill up is implemented as an Icon on the chart status bar at the top of the chart)
  3. Key Performance Indicators are not available (with icons, no work around necessary anymore)
  4. Hierarchies are not recognized in the Field View, although the hierarchies created in PowerView Data Modeller are not any more functional than just dragging and stacking more fields for rows or columns in a chart or matrix)
  5. Hyperlinks are now available for Text boxes… Still trying to figure out how to actually create one though

Here is a good link to more info

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