April Update for Power Map Adds Audio, Clears Confusion

On April 18 Power Map got updated, although if you have a Click-to-Run installed version of Office 365 Pro, you would never know it since these updates are pushed automatically. Here is a link describing the new features, other than some cosmetic updates, ability to add audio to a tour is probably one of the most salient ones.

Those who installed Power Map Preview on a non 365 Pro version of their office were probably getting worried that this Power BI feature will no longer be available after May 31, 2014. Well, Microsoft has answered your prayers by removing the Preview Expiration. So the extended version of Power Map Preview will continue to be available to download past this spring although only the supported (365 Pro) version of Power Map will be receiving future regular updates.

4 thoughts on “April Update for Power Map Adds Audio, Clears Confusion

  1. How do we deal with Power Map Preview for Excel 2013 add-in expiration (non-365 version)? What is the next step to get Power Map back?

      1. My Power Map expired and I cannot create maps anymore. I’m not sure what to do. Am I supposed to download a new version? Please advise. Thanks.

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