Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server

Anybody who has had to worry about implementing security in a SharePoint environment has at some point run into challenges with impersonating end users and passing their credentials all the way to the analysis services cube for authorization. The dreaded two hop challenges necessitated having to implement Kerberos authentication which has caused a lot of grey hair to many a SharePoint administrators. Although the latest release of SharePoint brings multiple enhancements that alleviate much of the pain, sometimes, Kerberos will still be necessary and now Microsoft is making it easier to have it configured in SQL Server environments. The Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server is now available for download here. According to the website, KerberosConfigMgr can perform the following functions:

  • Gather information on OS and Microsoft SQL Server instances installed on a server.
  • Report on all SPN and delegation configurations on the server.
  • Identify potential problems in SPNs and delegations.
  • Fix potential SPN problems.

Please follow this link for additional information about Kerberos and SharePoint 2013.

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