How to delete a Power Query from the Data Catalog

Data Catalog is one of the most interesting features of Power BI, however, there are several strange idiosyncrasies that I would like to surface in this post. The first one is the fact there is no way to access the data catalog from the Power BI admin site (if there is one, it must be using some ninja stealth hiding techniques because I still have not been able to find it).

The only way that I was able to get to it is by going to the list of Shared Queries in the Search box of the Power Query ribbon, previewing one and then clicking on the “View in Portal” option

This option will take you to a Power BI Data catalog portal that will list things like Usage Analytics, My Queries and Data Sources

Please see a sample list of Shared Power Queries above. The interesting idiosyncrasy is that there is no way to delete a query from this list. The only option that we have is to see the Analytics information about the selected query

In the course of me playing with the tool, I created a number of test queries; after a while I decide to delete some of them and that presented a problem because I could not find an option to do that.

So if you find yourself in a similar predicament, here is how you do it. It is very simple albeit not very intuitive. To my knowledge, currently only the person who created a query can delete it. Assuming that this is your query you are trying to get rid of, this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Power Query section of your Excel ribbon
  2. Make sure that you are Signed In
  3. Click on Shared in Manage Queries

  4. Find the query you would like to delete in the Shared Queries pane on the right
  5. Right click on the query and select Delete

You are done.

On a similar topic, if you are trying to get rid of your OData sources, the only way to delete those is to go to Gateway configuration and delete the Data Source in the Gateway definition…

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