Getting back in the game…

I have not been posting much on the site in the last few months. This lack of activity was attributed to predominantly two things: A) My summer got really busy with my primary revenue generating activities and B) There was really not whole lot going on in the MS BI space that I felt I would have much to add to.

Well, as busy as I still am, the amount of new developments in MS BI is about to kick up a few notches in the next couple of months so I figured I had better make time and get back in the game of updating this site on a regular basis.

It seems to me that the biggest vacuum of news today is around the Power BI. The sign up page has not seen many changes in a couple of months now and I think everyone is getting a little anxious to finally get to play with the new features and see if our prayers and questions are being answered.

What are some of the questions one might ask?

Well, here is as good a list as any:

  1. What exactly is Power BI – a product? A SKU? A brand? A licensing model? A new software distribution model?
  2. Is Power BI a cloud only offering and what would an on premise solution look like? And When?
  3. Seems like there are new visualization elements that are becoming available. Does it mean that we’ll see things like:
    1. Drillthroughs
    2. Waterfall charts, butterfly charts, etc –we need more options!
    3. Formatting options for color and style
  4. Will the Power View experience be more touch friendly? (drilling into by double clicking and drilling up can be a challenge for somebody with fat fingers)
  5. And ultimately the questions that has caused me the most grief from my customers and prospects thus far is when will it run on iPad?

I am looking forward to having these questions answered in the next several weeks.

Stay tuned…..

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