How to Deploy Azure Data Factory (ADF) from Dev to QA using Devops

Just wanted to do a quick video to cover the process of deploying ADF artifacts from Development environment to higher environments like QA, etc. these are the basic steps to get it done (please watch the video for detailed instructions)

  1. Create a new project in Devops if there is no project set up already
  2. Make sure Repo is created along with a collaboration branch, by default you will have a main branch there, I usually create development branch where developers will pull their code in after they are done with unit testing
  3. Configure ADF to connect to Git repository in Devops (make sure to use development as collaboration branch and allow adf_publish to be the default publish branch)
  4. Make sure to publish your data factory so that you can see the two json files in devops
  5. Create a new release pipeline
  6. Create a new release

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