Forrester Releases “Self-Service Business Intelligence Platforms” report, Microsoft identified as leader

Well, a leader and not the leader, although Microsoft BI stack is definitely ranked very high by Forrester.  Please follow this link to read the report. This is probably a little bit of old news, since the report was release in June and updated in the middle of July, but I figured it be a good to mention it anyway.  The report exhibits occasional flashes of brilliance, for example, stating that “80% of all BI requirements should be carried out by the business users themselves”, although I find the Vendor Profiles section to be quite humours as it feels like the content was pretty much cut and pasted from the respective vendors’ websites.

I find it interesting that neither Oracle nor MicroStrategy made the Leaders wave, given the fact that they dominated the Gartner’s BI quadrant for 2012.  This Forrester research was limited to the PowerView v1 released with SQL Server 2012 and since PowerView v2 that is now available in the Preview versions of Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 is significantly more robust, I cannot wait to see what Gartner’s BI quadrant will look like 2013.

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