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PowerView in Windows 8 Release Preview

I was eagerly awaiting the new Release Preview of Windows 8 as I was hoping it would address some of the shortcomings with respect to the Microsoft BI Stack and Windows 8 that I blogged about before.  One of the new features introduced in to the IE 10 was Flash support.  I have not read

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PowerView in Office 365

One of the big frastrations with Office 365 was its limited support (trying to stay positive here) of some of the key SharePoint features, such as, for example, Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. Even though the current iteration does support PowerPivot and Excel Services. Rumor has it PowerView will be supported in Office 365 starting June,

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HTML5 support for PowerView and the rest of the Microsoft BI stack

Had a long conversation with a senior Microsoft executive few days ago.  It appears that HTML5 support for PowerView will be released with the Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2012 by the end of this calendar year.  A little too late for my taste, but I will take what I can get.  My prognostication is

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How to create Sharepoint workflow for MDS

Microsoft Master Data Services is one of the most exciting new features of SQL Server 2012.  Technically, the V1 of the product was introduced with SQL Server 2008 R2, but to be completely honest, it did not get much acceptance.  In my prognostication, this will drastically change with the V2 of the product.  There are two

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Reading and Loading SharePoint Data using SSIS

Lists are one of the cornerstones of SharePoint and many companies have a wealth of information stored and managed using this SharePoint feature.  I sometimes get questions whether it is possible to extract that data (or load that data) into a data warehouse or a cube elsewhere.  The answer is yes, using the SharePoint SSIS Adapters. 

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SharePoint on iPad

Microsoft has recently released a Cumulative Update 2011-12 for Microsoft SharePoint that enables consuming Microsoft BI data visualizations on Apple iPad running iOS 5 Safari browser.  Not all visualizations are supported: Visualization Type Renders on iPad Dashboards (filters, linked elements) YES Excel Services (including PPS webpart) YES Reporting Services (including PPS webpart) NO PerformancePoint ScoreCards YES

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How to expose Master Data Services in SharePoint

I have been hacking around this for a while trying to expose MDS web application in SharePoint.  Apparently, the trick to remove the non-functional UI elements is to use hosted=true query parameter as in http://MDSWebAPP:PortNumber/MDS/Explorer/AttributeSL.aspx?MID=10&VID=23&EID=44&hosted=true#/ExplorerEntity?MID=10&VID=23&EID=44&hosted=true you can find more details on how to do it here

Using Reporting Services Charts with PerformancePoint reports in a SharePoint Dashboard

One of the greatest strengths of SharePoint as it pertains to the world of Microsoft Business Intelligence is its ability to bring together various components of the Microsoft BI stack into a seemless user experience. When it works, it works great, however, when it does not quite work, it gets very annoying.. Recently, I was

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Choosing between PerformancePoint, PowerView, Excel Services and Reporting Services for your data visualizations

Even though PowerView is the only Microsoft Data Visualization tool that is new on that list, it appears that there is some confusion as to how these four options compare with each other.  The topic is pretty big, so it will probably take me a few tries to get it done right, but here is the first

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