Using Reporting Services Charts with PerformancePoint reports in a SharePoint Dashboard

One of the greatest strengths of SharePoint as it pertains to the world of Microsoft Business Intelligence is its ability to bring together various components of the Microsoft BI stack into a seemless user experience. When it works, it works great, however, when it does not quite work, it gets very annoying.. Recently, I was working on a dashboard mixing various types of web parts – PerformancePoint reports, scorecards and filters, Reporting Services reports and SharePoint Lists…The dashboard worked great until I started linking and filtering all these web parts.  Once the links/filters were added, the reporting services reports started to sporadically disappear from the page which presented a very annoying problem.  Hitting F5 would bring the reports back (eventually), but obviously, this behavior would have been unacceptable for users.  Neither exhausting Binging nor comprehensive Googling yielded any viable options. So, unfortunately, I cannot offer a solution to this problem, however, we did find a work around.  We wrapped the necessary Reporting Services reports inside a PerformancePoint Reporting Services report and then exposed those as PerformancePoint content without using ReportViewer web part.  Now the dashboard works reasonably well, although, now users would have to open the SSRS charts in a new window in order to set up custom data alerts (new feature of SQL Server 2012) or invoide other SSRS actions.

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