PowerApps – Dynamically change visibility of controls

I am on a CrossFit high, with the Open just concluded and Regionals about to begin… So I am going to use some of my favorite Hero work outs (WOD) as a sample for this tutorial.

There are scenarios where we want to display content based on the user’s selection. Here is how to do it.

Download the App from here.

Once you download the app, select different WODs from the drop down and notice the description changes. Here is how I achieved it.

I created 3 text boxes, one for each of the 3 WODs and I overlayed them. Then I set the Visible property of each of the 3 text boxes to true based on the user’s selection.

E.g. For Murph textbox I have Visible property set to

If(“Murph” in Dropdown1.Selected.Value, true)


This makes Murph text box visible if user select Murph from the dropdown.

Similarly other two text boxes are set up.

One thought on “PowerApps – Dynamically change visibility of controls

  1. Not that I’m complaining about this post, but when I first saw the title, I got super excited thinking that this could be done on Power BI. Then… You know…

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