PowerView on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Finally got around to testing whether Microsoft PowerView will run on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  I am running the new Microsoft’s operating system on my Samsung Series 7 tablet and, generally speaking, I am very satisfied with most of the new features. Mobility is one of the few major holes in Microsoft’s BI stack, so I was really looking forward to being able to demo some great touch friendly PowerView functionality on my tablet.  Unfortunately, the new Internet Explorer does not support Silverlight… when I clicked on one of the Microsoft PowerView samples available here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Internet Explorer took me to download Silverlight link, which gave me some hope, however, all my attempts to install Silverlight got me nowhere.  There is a little bit of the good news, of those desperate to demo PowerView on the Samsung Tablet, there is a workaround, if you hit the Desktop tile and then fire up Internet Explorer there you will get a full featured Internet Explorer 9 that runs PowerView like a breeze.  I highly recommend viewing these reports in a full screen mode, they work great.. Cannot wait for PowerView to support HTML5.

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