PowerView in PerformancePoint

PowerView is getting a lot of good press lately. I personally love it because this is the first data visualization tool available from Microsoft that actually looks good… I don’t mean in a functional sense, PerformancePoint is far superior in terms of functionality. PowerView looks good, esthetically pleasing, which is hard to say about PerformancePoint.  Even if I wanted to take my time and invest it in polishing the look and feel of PerformancePoint visualizations, I really do not have a lot of options available.  I have seen Microsoft’s attempts to at least sex up the reports and frankly I have to say that they do not look good. PowerView does, and good looks sell (just google Consumerization of IT).  Anyway, I have been desperately looking for a way to add a little omph to my performancepoint dashboard and was getting very frustrated until I decided to try to embed PowerView into it.  Unfortunately, the two technologies do not mix naturally, so I had to look for an unnatural solution. Turns out, a web page report available in PerformancePoint can be of some use in this scenario.  The work around is to create a Web Page Report and pass into it the link for the PowerView report in the Reading Mode.  This web page report can now be embedded in to a zone on the PerformancePoint dashboard.  I chose to expose it as a First Page of the Dashboard and I think it worked out alright.. I will play with a couple of more ideas on how we can use SharePoint webparts, PerformancePoint web parts, SSRS webparts (?) in order to build an integrated user experience using the strengths of the aforementioned technologies.

3 thoughts on “PowerView in PerformancePoint

  1. you can also link a powerpivot workbook to a PPS filter and display it (and control it) within a PPS dashboard…works great.
    I wish you were more descriptive on how you’ve done this. I can see my powerview report in the Dashboard Designer, but when I deploy it does not render.

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