How to Move Power View Sheets inside Excel

If you have used Power View inside Excel, you probably have noticed that Power View reports are housed inside a special type of a worksheet that does not contain traditional cells but rather looks like a canvas. The other difference is that once you have inserted a Power View worksheet in you Excel document, you cannot click and drag it around like you can do regular Excel worksheets.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. Let’s say you have created three Power View worksheets, A, B and C in that order. If you try to click on C and drag it before A, you will see that the mouse pointer does not change its shape and the worksheet does not move. In order to move it in front of A, right-click on the worksheet C, then click on Insert->Worksheet. This will add a blank regular Excel worksheet to the left of the worksheet C. Now Click on the newly created sheet and then Control-click on the Power View worksheet C next to it, you will have both of them selected. Now you can click and drag the new Excel sheet and as it moves, the Sheet C will move with it, so if you drop them in front of Sheet A, you will achieve your objective.

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