Consumerization of Business Intelligence

This is a topic that will get a lot of coverage on my blog.  I am planning to do some research on Business Intelligence maturity models.  There are plenty of articles written on this subject, however, these articles are usually scoped to a state of Business Intelligence in a specific company.

The topic is not that interesting to me in this context. Measuring maturity of BI at a specific company is a nonsensical exercise since it will typically not induce any actionable follow up other than placing a bright yellow sticker on a maturity S curve somewhere.

The Maturity of the Business Intelligence Field in and of itself is an interesting conversation to have with a glass of a diet coke or two.  I don’t know if anybody has paralleled this to the famous pyramid of necessities.. so what I will try to do over the next few days is to see if I can take a crack at formalizing the maturity model and try to adapt it to the discipline of BI.. should be a fun exercise..

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