Apple and I

Some believe that our eyes are a window to our soul. That may be true, although in this day and age I believe that the quickest way to size one up is to take a detailed  inventory of one’s Apple products portfolio… This is an intricate exercise that if done right can yield invaluable insight about a person. As I am still honing this particular skill, I should probably leave it to to pickup where I am leaving this off.

I should also start another post where I try to frame up some ideas about consumerization of IT and how it is affecting the Features->Value->Design continuum of the Business Intelligence world…

The purpose of this post, however, is not talk about the glory of Apple or the lack of thereof, but rather to retell my personal experience at the local Apple store.  This story will take me a long while to finish up as I will be certain to struggle to convey the absurdity of my experience using only written medium that rules out all the body language elements of the story.. but hopefully one day this will meet my artistic standards.. one day….

<story to come>

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