…a long rant on Business Intelligence

This will one day evolve into an article, or a book, or an engaging conversation over a beer or two. For now, I just want to sketch out a few things that have been occupying my brain for the last few weeks… so here are a couple of angles to consider:

  1. Business Intelligence is not like a house – it’s not an asset that is meant to last in a more or less original state for a long time
  2. Business Intelligence is not Infonomics (a concept of treating information similar to other company assets that are recognized on company’s financial statements).  I don’t think that Business Intelligence can be classified as an asset per se.  Business Intelligence is not well defined still which causes a lot of confusion for tool manufacturers, system integrators and end users.
  3. Big Data and Mobile BI are two worst thing that are currently affecting the Business Intelligence landscape…Both are rooted in legitimate business problems, however not every company should model itself after Google or Amazon and while Hadoop is a true testimony to the brilliance of the human race, there are better ways to crack a nut than a sledge hammer.
  4.  Mobile BI deserves it’s own post, but for now, I will see how much damage can be done with a single paragraph.. there is a fairly short list of business use cases that necessitate delivery of BI information on a mobile device.  Every single  mobile device comes with some sort of a text editor, however, I don’t believe there is a single book on Amazon that was written even in part on a mobile device.  I am writing this post on my 11″ Windows 8 tablet and I am suffering through every single syllable… mechanically, biologically and anthropologically, we are limited to a certain way for effectively engaging  and interfacing with BI utensils ..Business Intelligence on a Mobile device makes just as much sense as eating a stake with a spoon.

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