Important SAP tables

if you are struggling with pulling data from SAP, this list of essential SAP tables could be helpful

DD02L SAP Tables DD03L Table Fields DD04L Data elements TADIR Directory of Repository Objects
VARID Variant for Reports TFDIR Function Modules T100 Messages TSE05 ABAP Editor insert commands
USR03 User address data USR02 Logon data USR01 User master USR21 Assign user address key [ADRP]
TLOCK Transports: Locks DBTABLOG Log Records PAT03 Hot packages UE070 Header of Requests/Tasks
SNAP Snapshots: Runtime TBTCO Jobs status TBTCP Batch Input steps ARCH_OBJ Objects for archive / reorg.
TCURC Currency codes T056 Interest settlement T012 House Banks BNKA Bank Master
T043 Assign Accounting Clerks T007A Tax Keys T000 Clients T059A Type of Recipient For Vendors
T006 Units of Measurement T002 Language Keys T005 Countries T004 Directory of Charts of Accounts
AUFK Order master data KNA1 Customer Master LFA1 Vendor Master AFKO Order header data PP orders
CSKA Cost elements (CoA) COBK Document header TKA01 Controlling areas SKA1 G/L accounts (chart of accounts)
BKPF Accounting header BSEG Document line BSID Sec. index cust. BSIK Secondary index vendors

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