Build an Ultimate KPI Using a Smart Narrative (Power BI Tutorial)

Until now, I have not been very successful with building a perfect KPI visual that would meet my criteria of being able to show the three critical data points that define a KPI for me:

  1. Actual Value
  2. Target Value
  3. Trend (UP, DOWN, SAME)

The out of the box KPI visual has so many limitations that I should probably do a sperate blog just on that and the existing custom visuals in the store do not do a good job of communicating the trend as UP, DOWN, or SAME.


Take a look at the KPI control above, not only does it display all the information that I need, but it is also infinitely customizable. You change the fonts, colors, order and just about everything else on this KPI visual because ultimately, it is just a Smart Narrative.

You can download the Power BI Desktop file used in this tutorial here.

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