Finally!!! We Can Now Format The Same Measure as % OR $ on the Same Trend Chart (calculation groups bug is fixed!)

I knew this moment would come, but I did not know when. We are now able to have a smart measure that can be displayed as any valid number format on our chart, $$ or %, or even whole dollars

All it took was for me to raise a bug with Microsoft about the formatting option in Calculation Group breaking trend charts (and also the Power BI Team actually fixing it). Obviously, I am just kidding, although I did raise the bug, all credit goes to Microsoft for making it work. After a few back and forth emails with the support team, they admitted that the bug that I pointed out about a week or so ago in my video/post was real, and then, few days later, they contacted me to say that the new version of Power BI desktop had been updated and that this bug was now fixed. This is huge!

We have been able to create smart measures before that returned either dollar or percent values; however, we have not been able to trend such a measure and show it a proper format, we had to show everything as decimal numbers. Now we can mix and match formatting options for our measure as our heart desires.

All the details are in the video, including how to implement this feature and how to use Tabular Editor.

One thought on “Finally!!! We Can Now Format The Same Measure as % OR $ on the Same Trend Chart (calculation groups bug is fixed!)

  1. hi,

    Interesting demo.
    i used this and worked quite well. however i have the following additional requirements:
    1. when you format the YoY% as “0.00%;-0.00%”, it converts it to a string. when i plot this in a matrix, i do not get an overall %age of growth in the total. it comes blank. even when you dont format it with a string, it does not give the total.
    2. for Previous month measure, it does not show the total for the column.
    3. hence when you look at MoM growth, it gives an incorrect figure which is the same as the base measure, since the Previous month measure total is blank.
    pl. help.

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