SAP HANA Connector – Incremental Refresh

A lot of my clients ask the following question:

“Hey I am connecting to SAP HANA using import mode. I need to bring multiple years of data into Power BI for YoY analysis. This means millions of rows of data. When I try to refresh this dataset, it takes hours to complete and in most cases it takes over 5 hours hence fails (this is a limit set on service) .”

This is a perfect scenario for incremental refresh, assuming you have premium capacity. Following blog post walks you through the set up for incremental refresh:

Note: HANA stores date in yyyymmdd format. There is TIP in the blog to convert this to Date data type.

Now this works when you have a date field in HANA view that can be used to trigger incremental refresh. When HANA view provides aggregated information there may not be a date field we can rely on to trigger incremental refresh. In this case we can use Dataflows.

I will have another post that walks through scenarios using Dataflows with SAP HANA.



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