SAP HANA Connector – Multidimensional or Relational mode


SAP HANA connector in Power BI is available in two modes – Multidimensional and Relational. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of both these modes.

Pros of Multidimensional Mode:

  • Performance is good.
  • Can connect to multiple data sources in Import mode.
  • Parent child hierarchy is supported.
  • SSL is supported.

Cons of Multidimensional Mode:

  • Composite modeling is not supported in Direct Query mode – which means more than one HANA view cannot be used as the data source in Direct Query mode.
  • Cannot add calculated columns in Direct Query mode.

Pros of Relational Mode:

  • Performance is good when connecting to simple HANA views with few columns and joins.
  • Can add calculated columns in Direct Query mode.
  • Composite modeling is supported.

Cons of Relational Mode:

  • Performance is not optimal when using larger, complex HANA views.
  • Parent child hierarchy is not supported.
  • SSL is not supported.
  • Non-additive measures do not work as expected (as explained here).

Overall performance using multidimensional mode is much better than relational mode.

Although Multidimensional mode has a few drawbacks, new features and enhancements are focused on multidimensional mode. So, my recommendation is to use multidimensional mode.






2 comments on “SAP HANA Connector – Multidimensional or Relational mode”

  1. Hi, did you find a way to get composite-models working with hana as a source? I didn’t found a way to do this, “Table Mode” is always greyed out to “import” for me. I use a custom sql query to get hana data, but also tried by selecting objects from hana analytic views….
    The MS docs list still hana as not supported for composite models so i wonder if you have any insights on that? So i

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