Connecting to SAP BW using Power BI Desktop


Today I connected to SAP BW using the connector available in Power BI Desktop. Following link does a good job explaining the steps:

Ran into a road block while installing SAP Netweaver RFC SDK library.

With the help of bases team I downloaded SAP Netweaver SDK library. However there is no explanation as to where/how this has to be installed. After a lot of trial and error figured out that I needed to copy all the dll files available in SAP Netweaver SDK to C:\Windows\System32.

FYI – I downloaded 64 bit version of the SDK and 64 bit version of Power BI Desktop.

4 comments on “Connecting to SAP BW using Power BI Desktop”

  1. This is gold. BTW, any system that makes you install things directly into C:\Windows\System32 is a bit messed up. They should either figure out how to automatically or something.

  2. I don’t think you need to place those files in c:\windows\system32. You can also place them in the \bin directory underneath your Power BI installation directory, or any lolcation with an appropriate PATH environment variable…

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