The Long-awaited Matrix Control is Released for Power BI… and few other tidbits

Yesterday was a big day for Power BI – the long-awaited Matrix visual is now finally available. Sure, it’s still in beta and yes, there are still some features lacking (formatting, formatting, formatting…), and yes, there are bugs (try to drill down on columns for example), BUT… this is a very significant update for Power BI and it definitely moves the product forward.

The most exciting feature of the control for me is its ability to cross filter either on the entire row, column or a cell. This feature will be particularly appreciated by those who are still favoring tabular designs in their reports.

The two other significant new features (theming and numeric slicers) are also great. Hopefully, all three of these enhancements will get some additional capabilities as go from beta to GA.

The pie chart control is finally fixed to display percent of total – which was a bit issue for many finance users for a while. Glad it’s been addressed.

Overall, this is probably the most significant update for Power BI this year – looking forward to more great things from the Power BI team in the future!

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