Vote to Add SAP BW as Power Query Data Source

In its recent post announcing November release of Power Query, Microsoft is also asking us to take a Power Query survey.

I have lobbied for a long time to have SAP BW added to the supported PQ data sources. The reasoning is simple, almost half large companies in US run SAP and a good percentage of those relies on SAP Business Warehouse (BW) as their sole or most/very significant data asset that drives bulk of decisions.

Today (November of 2014), Power BI provides little value to those customers as current connectivity options are convoluted and anything but simple (unlike competing products that integrate with BW natively or semi-“natively”).

I prioritized the importance of desired data sourced as indicated in the picture above. SAP BW is the most important of the three by a huge margin, Google Analytics is self-explanatory (just ask any marketing department), and PDF is something that, surprisingly, I am running more and more as I run my BI workshops with business audiences.

Please take a survey and vote on the new PQ data source here (SAP BW being the most obvious choice 😉 )



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