Date Management Gateway Now Supports Refresh from Power Query

Time for another correction…

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how to load data into a Power Pivot model using Power Query. As I was writing it, I was very excited about being able to decouple my Power Pivot models from physical data by using Power Query. Unfortunately, at a time, this approach was less than perfect because it only worked on a desktop. In other words, the workbook with a Power Pivot model created using Power Queries could not be refreshed using Data Refresh feature of Power BI because the Data Management Gateway only supported SQL Server and Oracle data sources.

Well, today Microsoft has released a new version of the Gateway that in addition to SQL Server and Oracle also supports Power Query as a data source. In this version, only Power Queries against SQL Server an Oracle databases are supported, but Microsoft states that additional data sources will be supported in future releases. I think it’s a little clunky that one needs to copy a connection info from Excel as you can see in the image below

but the article claims that “Improved user experience will be available in later updates”. You can find additional information by following this link.

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