The Very Basics of Row Level Security (RLS – Power BI Tutorial)

There are many videos on YouTube already dedicated to this topic. So why am I doing another one? Well, the goal here is not to teach you Row Level Security. My goal is to help you understand how Row Level Security works. In this video I will discuss what makes row level security work in Power BI:

  1. Ability to know who is connected to the model using USERPRINCIPALNAME() function
  2. Ability to define filters (static and dynamic) as well as group those filters in security roles
  3. Ability to assign users to one or more roles, which then defines what filters are applied when a user connects to the model.

Also, I am providing a dataset with this tutorial with roles create for an HR type of analysis. And, finally, I will show you how to test these security roles so we can emulate different users and see whether our logic works as it should.

You can download the power bi desktop file used in this video here.

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